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Trips for single parents can help you

Trips for single parents can help you

Most of the time, summer trips with children are aimed at families of two parents with their children when reality shows us that there are many more alternatives to the traditional nucleus.

Single-parent families are increasingly numerous. According to the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), this type of family nucleus grew in Spain by 2% compared to the previous one and is already 1,878,500.

Of these, the mother is the only parent in 83% of cases. And, those parents also want to enjoy their children on vacation, although some of them still do not have them hired, especially if they face their first summer without a partner.

Thinking about them, travel websites focused on single-parent families emerged. You still have time to have fun with your children with a vacation for parents alone with children.

What is a single parent trip?

If it sounds like Chinese, read on, because it may surprise you and be your solution for this summer. Because nobody knows how stressful it is to face the first vacation alone, after a divorce or loss, until you don’t have to face it.

The answer is simple: travel offers for dad or mom with children; that is, vacation packages for 1 adult x 1 child, 1 adult x 2 children, 1 adult for 3 children… On these trips, there are no couples or marriages, only a mother or a father.

In this type of vacation there are women and men from all parts of Spain who, against the intentional bad opinions, do not seek to find a new partner, just meet other parents who are in the same situation as them while their children have fun also with other children, doing activities designed exclusively for them.

I know how difficult it is to travel alone with your children and feel like an extraterrestrial in a hotel for families, because dad and mom are the perfect couples and you are alone, and they remind you at all hours what you lost.

I imagine that when you choose maternity alone by choice, the situation is different, but in your first summer after a divorce or loss, you are looking for people who are in the same situation as you, and your children too (even if they don’t know how to verbalize it).

Advantages of choosing a trip for single parents

The two clearest benefits of a single-parent vacation are the cheapest price because the packages are already designed for a single adult with children, and the company, families in the same situation and with similar experiences, which helps to increase the circle of friendships.

And this type of travel produces an identification effect, by sharing time with people who have similar experiences. Because all parents who come together know the difficulties of a single-parent home and know what it is to raise a child alone. So, although they have just met, they are understood right away because what one counts serves as experience to another, who will experience it in the future. But there is more.

In the event of a divorce or recent death, single-parent vacations can help children to normalize their new family situation, seeing other children having fun without their two parents being present.

In addition, both parents and moms are looking forward to spending leisure time with their children but, as the days go by, all adults need time for themselves, while the children are entertained and supervised, something that is not always possible when there is no other responsible adult next door.

Hence, this type of vacation makes it easy for adults to enjoy time with their children and also alone or in the company of other adults with the same concerns.

Here are some proposals for websites that organize this type of travel, although surely, if you ‘dive’ on the Internet, you can find some more, because they are expanding.

‘Travel with your son’

This travel website is the responsibility of its founder, Ernesto Daubar, to his own needs as a father divorced with two children.

And the idea of ​​this marketing executive, which took shape in December 2008 (there was no agency like it) has been a success. In 2018, it exceeded 10,000 travelers and boasts 70% of repeating parents.

Under the slogan ‘We are passionate about traveling with children’, they form a dynamic and enterprising company, dedicated to the organization and development of exclusive and innovative tourist services, designed in a very special way. They say their goal is to make unforgettable memories, offering the best travel destinations for singles with children with “an exclusive formula”.

The offer is immense: from the classic theme parks (with which they always succeed) to multi-adventure destinations, circuits, beaches, great trips, cruises and, of course, to Lapland, so that children can visit Papá Nöel. And much more.

‘Single parent holidays’

The only requirement to hire a single parent trip is to travel without a partner, regardless of whether you are single, divorced or widowed. And, of course, wanting to create unforgettable experiences with your child.

It is the invitation of a website that offers all kinds of trips organized exclusively for single parents, to any destination and with family activities included: adventure tourism, beach destinations, for mountain lovers, a cruise or alternatives with teenagers, so that they live with other boys their age and we don’t have to hear the repeated phrase “I’m bored” .

And the offer is more and more extensive, since Bea, ‘the alma mater’ of single-parent holidays, decided 10 years ago to create this project “to make dreams come true and offer happiness in its purest form”. Together with Sergio and María (with more than two decades of experience with children and single-parent families) they create and invent unforgettable trips, which ensure they remain forever in the memory of parents and children.

‘Singles with children’

The original matrix was designed as a solution for travelers who want to deprive us of knowing new places and people. But, as they believed they saw the need to design specific trips for those single parents traveling with their children.

Thus, its proposals throughout the year, take advantage of school holidays with an offer of the most desired trips at the lowest possible cost, thanks to its negotiation with wholesalers, airlines and hotels.

And is that the traveler can choose between the option of maintaining their individual freedom and interacting when they want without obligation, or enjoy a guided holiday organized from the beginning to the end. They offer all kinds of alternatives: from the All-Inclusive modality in a hotel to large expeditions.

‘Puzzle Travel’

All the pieces must fit so that the holidays are that…, a time of leisure, rest and fun. That is the end of these trips, formed exclusively by singles with children and by people who are alone with their children when planning a vacation.

With the purpose that children have fun, learn and enjoy their vacations and their parents have fun with them, rest and can relate to people in similar circumstances, they organize trips throughout Spain and Europe. Among its destinations: Doñana, the Costa Brava, Baztán Valley, Slovenia, Venice, Italian Tuscany…

They ensure that each trip is tailored to its members: from the environment, accommodation, access, the offer of activities according to ages (from young children to teenagers), meals and the most affordable prices.

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