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This urbanization is so exclusive that it is on the tenth floor of a building

This urbanization is so exclusive that it is on the tenth floor of a building

Cosmo Park is the typical urbanization of single-family homes, but it has an important peculiarity: this small neighborhood that is located in the heart of the Indonesian city of Jakarta is located on the roof of a 10-story shopping center.

Cosmo Park

Asphalt streets, trees, bougainvillea, swimming pool, tennis court, apartments with garden … nothing is missing in Cosmo Park so that its residents feel typical urbanization at ground level. With the difference that they are a good handful of meters from the latter. Away from the noise and smoke of cars.

Cosmo Park is a town in the sky, perched on 10 floors at the top of a shopping center, a considerable distance from the megalopolis that flutters beneath.

To access ground level, residents drive their vehicles along a ramp. A high metal fence runs around the perimeter.

Cosmo Park was built 10 years ago, but it was largely unknown outside Jakarta until last month, when photographs taken by drones spread this rarity to the rest of the world.

In June, Twitter user @ shahrirbahar1 published a panoramic view of the complex, 78 two-story homes.

Located in the middle of a group of mega malls in central Jakarta, Cosmo Park is one of two developments in Jakarta by the Indonesian developer Agung Podomoro Group. The second is about the commercial center of Indonesia in the north of the city.

Oasis or dystopia?

Home to 10 million people, the Indonesian capital is affected by the weight of its problems, from chronic floods and incredibly dense traffic to severe pollution, overcrowding and the fact that it is literally sinking.

It lies on swampy lands, caressed by the Java Sea and 13 rivers that cross it. So it is not surprising that floods are frequent in Jakarta and, according to experts, are getting worse. But it is not just phenomenal flooding: this massive city is literally disappearing, sunk into the earth.

It is already happening. North Jakarta has sunk 2.5 meters in 10 years and continues to sink at a rate of 25 cm per year in some parts, which is more than double the global average for coastal megacities.

Is Cosmo Park a kind of futuristic dystopia or, in a city beset by overpopulation, ingenious use of the urban space in the form of an oasis that borders the clouds?

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