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These are the morning glory, the most spectacular clouds in the world

These are the morning glory, the most spectacular clouds in the world

As a child, rather than looking at the clouds for their shapes and peculiarities, or because they reminded me of sheared sheep or the anfractuosities of a brain, it entertained me looking for recognizable forms in them.

Morning glory

Although they float peacefully, the truth is that the clouds weigh a lot. According to the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder (Colorado), an average cluster weighs the same as 100 elephants. Large storm clouds can weigh the same as 200,000 elephants.

But nothing like the gigantic horizontal cloud known as Morning Glory Cloud. It is produced in the sky of Burketown County, in Australia, every September, and October.

It can reach up to 1,000 kilometers long and 20 kilometers high, moving towards the coast at dawn at a speed that can reach 60 kilometers per hour.

These huge tube or roller clouds, like the waves of the sea, attract their own followers: glider pilots flock to the area to fly between the strong winds that envelop the clouds as they travel. Not counting the people who can see them from Earth, as if contemplating a UFO, one of those huge flying saucers that stayed over the main cities of the world in the movie Independence Day.

An entire floating nation consisting solely of the white lining of all the pillows in the world. A cloud that scientists do not yet know how it works or how it originates.

From the ground, without a doubt, it looks imposing. But those who have photographed it from above, while surfing through it, say that the feeling is identical to sailing on an ocean full of foam.

Its mysterious formation seems related to the collision of two different pressure systems. We are not sure either. And that is why it is so fascinating to contemplate and imagine them with almost magical structures that float above us.

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