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The 11 best beaches in Spain to go with children

The 11 best beaches in Spain to go with children

So we have decided to investigate to find out which beaches in Spain are the most recommended for children to enjoy while being more comfortable and accessible.

Luckily we enjoy many wonderful with the European Blue Flag and Q quality recognition, and that takes into account the quality of its waters, its environmental management, and safety, as well as its services and facilities.

Among them, we have selected the 11 best Spanish beaches for families with children, both on the coast and inland, from north to south and across the islands. All of them also have accessibility facilities, are spacious and sandy and have games or activities for children and infrastructure such as bathrooms, bars, restaurants …

Paradise Beach, Cartagena (Murcia)

If the Manga del Mar Menor is characterized in something, it is in the shallow depth of its waters, which makes them a perfect place to go with young children, where they will enjoy the beauty in natural ‘saltwater’ pools.

But if these beaches of Murcia stand out for something, they are due to their high occupancy. Therefore, among all of them, perhaps the best for families in Playa Paraíso, with clean waters and located in a green enclave, attached to the Salinas de Marchamalo. They are 1,200 m of beautiful beaches with all the services of a medium urban area.

And it does not lack any detail: easy accessibility (accessed by an asphalted road and with wooden walkways in the sand), has rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, toilets, camping, beach bars, selective collection containers, foot washers, bins, walkways, playground for children …

Cala’n Porter, Menorca (Balearic Islands)

Its large cliffs prevent the entrance of the waves and offer incredible views in crystal clear waters and white sand.

But it is that this natural pool is perfect to go with children since it also has all the typical services of tourist beaches: bars and restaurants, sun loungers, umbrellas, first aid post, parking a few meters, lifeguard, showers and even a small playground. There are no missing pedal boats!

Laxe Beach, A Coruña (Galicia)

This beautiful beach located in A Costa da Morte, in the town of Laxe, offers almost two kilometers of fine white sand and clean, calm waters, ideal for children.

They can even play with the sand mountains that are created sometimes and you can walk along the beautiful promenade that runs through it.

In addition, being an urban beach, you have all the services: from surveillance of lifeguards, access ramps for the disabled (and therefore for carts), wooden walkways, several showers, Red Cross post, restaurants and bars for not having to carry the food and spend the sunniest hours at noon …

Also parking for cars or bus service that reach the beach if you do not want to complicate the day.

Sweet Beach of Orellana La Vieja, in Badajoz, Extremadura

It is the first Spanish freshwater beach awarded with the Blue Flag, an award well deserved for its beauty and the quality of its services.

In its 700 meters, you can find snacks in the shade, beach bars to eat and umbrellas to protect from the sun.

As the beach has no direct access to the sea, its waters are very calm and safe for children to bathe.

In addition, it is a trail, the marina has a large supply of water sports and is included in the list of protected wetlands, which makes it a special place to enjoy birds with children.

Aigua Morta beach, Oliva (Valencia)

An authentic natural paradise within the reach of the little ones: next to the mouth of the Bullet River (which also deserves a bath in freshwater) and the Marsh of Pego-Oliva, declared a natural park and considered a Site of Community Interest.

In addition, it is lined with dunes, which allows visually disconnect from ‘civilization’ but with all services available without saturation of other beaches on the Valencian coast: parking, toilets, showers, access walkways, nautical activities, beach bars food and drink…

In short, a beautiful beach of more than two kilometers in length, with fine golden sand and a palm swell.

Central Beach, Isla Cristina (Huelva)

With all the communities of an urban beach and the qualities of a virgin: fine golden sand and transparent waters, with a wide landscape and biological richness. There you can see the native fauna, highlighting the common chameleon.

It has endless services, such as individual showers, disabled ramp, promenade, tourist information point, restaurants, Civil Protection Center and Local Police, toilets, showers, telephone, wastebasket, cleaning service, access gateways, rental of umbrellas, hammocks, nautical and kiosks.

And, as if that were not enough, the widest parking lots of the rest of the beaches in the area.

Barro Beach, Llanes (Asturias)

Horseshoe-shaped, it offers calm and crystalline waters and fine white sand, ideal for playing and bathing safely sheltered from the waves of the Cantabrian Sea.

300 meters protected by an islet on each side, Barro Beach is a beautiful shell of white sand and crystal clear waters. It has all the services that may be needed (showers, toilets, lifeguards, bars and restaurants …) and good accessibility on foot or by car.

Its only drawback: its high occupancy in August to enjoy this protected landscape of great natural beauty.

Las Canteras Beach, Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

A long tongue of sand, several kilometers long, that stretches across the bay and located just 500 meters from the cruise terminal, makes it the perfect alternative to spend the day if you are doing one of them with your children.

And this treasure is one of the best urban beaches in the country, with good weather almost all year and a large reserve of marine life. Hence, it becomes a perfect destination for your children to see all kinds of fish for the first time, and even snorkel with their parents for the first time.

And the best place to do it is in ‘La Barra’, a long rock formation that spreads not far from the sand and protects a large part of the beach from the tides. A curious stone line that makes the bay the best place to practice swimming and to walk on water on low tide days.

And, on the long promenade, cafes, ice cream parlors, restaurants… And best of all, if you stay several days you will enjoy, as the natives say, a different beach every day. Who can resist?

Samil Beach, Vigo (Galicia)

It is the most famous beach for families in Vigo and the largest in the city, with more than 1 km long and 15 m wide direct access.

To the advantages of fine sand, its equipment is added: three free swimming pools, basketball courts, skating rink, free parking, restaurants, coffee shops, green areas …

In addition, it is also very close to the center and very well connected by public transport.

Santa Cristina Beach, Lloret del Mar (Girona)

In the region of La Selva, among the cliffs of the Botanic garden of Pinya de Rosa, and surrounded by pine trees is one of the favorite beaches of the Costa Brava to enjoy with the children.

After walking 500 meters along a sandy path, you will reach a beautiful picture of shallow crystalline waters, very calm and fine sand, sheltered from winds and waves.

It offers all kinds of services such as rescue and first aid, showers equipped with footbaths, beach sand cleaning service, wastebaskets throughout the beach, hotel, restaurant, ice cream, and drinks kiosk or rental of sunbeds, umbrellas, and roller skates …

A rock separates it from the neighboring beach of Tirumala.

Burriana Beach, Nerja (Málaga)

Famous for her appearances in the mythical Summer Blue series, she is a favorite of families who visit the province and want to enjoy a beautiful beach.

It has all the comforts and more for a day at the beach with children, as well as a large number of water activities.

It is accessed directly from the Parador de Turismo de Nerja, although it also has public parking.

Along its 800 meters of dark sand, you will find showers, kiosks, lifeguard service, SOS service, toilets, showers, hammocks, beach bars … and a long promenade to enjoy the place where Antonio’s statue is located Mercero, the director of Verano Verano.

Fluvial Beach of A Calzada, in Ponte Caldelas, Pontevedra, Galicia

It is an exceptional bathing area formed by a stone dam in a birch, chestnut and oak riverbank forest. The best way to approach is by walking from the bridge that crosses the Verdugo River, in Ponte Caldelas, a small walk of fewer than 900 meters that runs along the riverbank until you reach the beach.

The promenade has lighting, careful urban furniture, and a path that runs along the river. A few minutes’ walks along the path is the river beach of La Calzada, which occupies a large recreational area with about 250 linear meters of the riverbank.

La Calzada has all the equipment to spend an unforgettable day: clean and crystal clear waters, with a swimming area for adults, another for children and even a space for pets, as well as a playground, a bio-healthy park and a bar and picnic area in the shade of trees.

Another advantage of this beach lies in the breadth of its parking lot that allows vehicles to be approached nearby without altering the natural space.

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