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Perseidas 2019: eight spectacular plans to enjoy the most famous summer rain of stars

Perseidas 2019: eight spectacular plans to enjoy the most famous summer rain of stars

From July 17 to August 24, the Perseids flood the sky, but the two best nights to enjoy them will be those of August 11 and 12 . This 2019, the almost full moon will make the weakest meteors go unnoticed, but the maximum peak will be reached on August 13, just before dawn.

With these plans, you will enjoy the Perseids in summer, and you can make as many wishes as shooting stars cross the sky.

A picnic under the starlight

It is a simple idea, but very nice. You can have a night picnic in an area away from light pollution, and enjoy watching the stars without worries. Find a place with height and enjoy a spectacular night or if you prefer, you can see them from the beach, lying on the sand and looking for a cove or beach that is far from cities or towns with many lights.

Astronomical hiking in the Sierra de Madrid

For ten euros, you can live the Perseids on a night route that will take place at dawn from Monday 12 to Tuesday, August 13. At ten o’clock at night, the route will start from El Molar, in Madrid, with a total of 12 kilometers with different stops in which the guide will explain the different constellations and stars that will be observed.

Tasting and stars in Valencia

This activity includes an oil tasting and a dinner with pairing in an unbeatable environment in which later, we can see thousands of stars. You also have the option to do a wine tasting instead of oil at the Dominio de la Vega Winery, and even enjoy a concert and then a wine tasting at Pago de Tharsis. You can see the different plans available here.

A night bike route through Madrid

The Mountain Bike School of Madrid has chosen the night of August 11 for this wonderful route through Madrid, which will begin at Casa de Campo and continue towards El Pardo. The route is very easy and quiet, and even children over the age of nine can attend, so it can be a great family plan to enjoy the Perseids in Madrid.

The Tears of San Lorenzo seen from the sea

Can you imagine observing the tears of San Lorenzo in the sea? You can observe the rain of stars from a ship that goes to the beautiful Cies Islands, one of the reasons to visit Galicia at least once in a lifetime. In this walk by the sea, which will leave from Cangas and Vigo, you will have an astronomical guide who tells you all the secrets of the Perseids. And all for 20 euros and with consumption on board included.

The Promar Association also organizes a similar departure from Roquetas de Mar, Almería.

With the star experts

The Astronomical Observatory of Cantabria also celebrates the Perseids by offering to all who want to come ( and free of charge ), a session in which the volunteers of the group will teach us how to orient in the sky and recognize constellations visible to the naked eye.

Tasting, observation or route, you choose

From AstroAfición they offer us different types of activities available from August 9 to 13, but all within the Community of Madrid and with different prices, including a special activity for families, in which the smallest of the house will learn everything over this rain of summer stars.

A visit to the planetarium

From August 2 to 17, the Planetarium of Aragon, in Huesca, will organize visits and observation of stars and planets with telescopes, but it is not the only one. The Planetarium of Pamplona, the Planetarium of the Science Park in Granada or the Eureka Planetarium! Zientzia Museoa, are some of those that offer related activities to observe and learn about the rain of stars.

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